Bob Wilson - Lacombe Associates

Bob Wilson - Lacombe's Website Phone: (403)782-4301

Bob Tiltgen - Ponoka Associate

Bob Tiltgen - Ponoka's Website Phone: (403)783-5007

Don MacDonald - Three Hills Associate

Ernie Sandstra Associate

Ernie Sandstra's Website Phone: 403-877-9144 Fax: 403-340-3085

Serving all of Central Alberta: Agriculture, Acreages & Residential properties. I will handle your listings. Or if you are interested in buying I will work hard to find you the right property.

Greg Cripps - Red Deer Associate

Greg Cripps - Red Deer's Website Phone: (403)343-3020

Greg Martens- Red Deer Associate

Greg Martens- Red Deer's Website Phone: 403-391-8849

Ken Poffenroth - Lacombe Associate

Ken Poffenroth - Lacombe's Website Phone: (403)782-4301

Linda Walton - Lacombe Associate

Linda Walton - Lacombe's Website Phone: (403)782-4301

Lisa Smith - Ponoka Associate

Lisa Smith - Ponoka's Website Phone: (403)783-5007

Nick Lesher - Lacombe Associate

Nick Lesher - Lacombe's Website Phone: 403-318-2930